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The Beginning...

Collective Soul was started in Stockbridge, Georgia which is a little town near Atlanta. It was first formed, and got a recording contract, in the early 1990's. It's five members include

Ed Roland, Will Turpin, Dean Roland, Ross Childress, and Shane Evans.

The band's first album was Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid. The hit single Shine found their place on the national charts. The first album was a mixture of classical (instrumental), soft rock, hard rock, and what came close to heavy metal for this band. Then, while they were touring, they produced a self-titled album.

It had several hit singles, including December, Gel, Smashing Young Man, The World I Know, and Where the River Flows. My favorite of that album is World I Know. I also like Gel. My favorite on Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid is All. They toured again with the self-titled album, but were going through management problems. It was a few more years until their next album was published. When you listen to it, you can tell they put their hearts into it. Ed even says it's his favorite album. Their hit single from Disciplined Breakdown is Precious Declaration. Right now they are on a tour for that album. The tour is called the Silent Parade Tour. Click here to find out what cities they're going to, and what songs they have been playing.

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Rare Stuff

They cover two songs that I know of during their tours: Crazy Train* by Ozzy Osbourne. I've heard the cover one time, and it was extremely good. This is in comparison to the fact that I also heard the same song played at Ozzfest by Ozzy, himself. And both versions sounded almost exactly alike. They also cover Revolution by John Lennon. From what I have heard, it was quite good.

They played a song on the John Lennon tribute album, Working Class Hero, in honor of John Lennon. They played Jealous Guy.

Their favorite song to play on Disciplined Breakdown is Forgiveness.

They also came out with a new song on the Scream 2 album titled, She Said.

I recently purchased their greatest hits album, Se7en year Itch. It has two new songs on it.

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