PePpY's Best Friends!!

Pictures of my friends

Sorry, they're not the best pictures. I tried, but it's not easy finding pictures of people who hate cameras. Not to mention any names...
Just so it's fair, I'm putting up a horrible picture of me too. Hm. Holly, PePpY, Haruka, Excalibur, Spamchick, Shadow. Well, these are all my friends, and the ones who gave me some of these nicknames. I'm sending a shoutout to all of you! Much Love!

Anita, Hoover ][. I've known her since, um, well, the beginning of my freshman year, possibly before that, I can't remember. She's one of the usual lunatics.
AnnMichael. I met her in Biology 1, the second semester of my freshman year. She's into Ramettes and dancing, you know, stuff like that. But, I don't think I have ever met a better listener.
Beverly. She's one of the select few I call my "sisters."
Brandy, Cosmichild, Supreme Moth. This girl is one of the old WaCkErS. She's as crazy and cool as they get.
Tiffany, Ynaffit, Plaid Moth. This is Brandy's cousin. She's just as crazy as Cosmichild. Also a former WaCkEr.
Sabrina. I've known her since my seventh grade year. I hope she never changes.
Jacob. I first met him in Drama class, the second day of my first high school year. He's a wonderful one to talk to.
Jeff, Taz Man. Now here's one of my best friends. He's been a great comfort to me for the past two and a half years.
Katherine, Jeanette, Vavarina. This girl is a wonderful friend. Sorry about the pic, Kathy, I couldn't find a better one.
Tim, Granite. He is Kathy's boyfriend. I met this guy during my 8th grade year. A great lunatic to hang out with.
Max. He's the fun, football-type that makes for a great "adopted brother."
Michele. The coolest freshman I met last year, and I bet she's the coolest Sophomore this year. Gave me the nickname, 'Spamchick.'
Nicole, Lee, "Mommy." She took me in under her wing my freshman year, we both disowned my brother, and stayed pretty good friends.
Reatha, Candy, Tammy. My very best friend, also claimed as my sister. Thank god for after-school drill team practices, or else I probably would never have met her.
Rochelle, Shelly. This girl is one of the most wonderful listeners. She is also a sister of mine, and I'm proud to call her that.
Wes, Lor. He's a great friend of mine, I've also known him since I was on the old WaCkEr computer board.
Kevin, Neomaxizoomdweebie, Indigo, Spamlord. You can't get any crazier than this, or cooler. He's also an original WaCkEr. I met this guy in Chuck E. Cheez's. ^_^

Before I move on, I need to add a tribute to a special friend. Thomas J. Mayes. He died last year(2002). He was my brother's best friend through the difficult teenage years, and he took me to my very first prom. He is very much missed and loved. Hope you're not finding heaven too boring, T.J.

Gone, but never, never forgotten.

And now, for the teachers...

Ms. Prothro. I never actually had her as a teacher, but she put up with me during lunch in CommTech.
Ms. Scott. The best teacher I've ever had. If you read my mainpage inspirations, then you'll know why.
Mr. Surber, Santa Claus. He is an awesome teacher. I didn't have him in any of my classes, but he taught my brother and he was also one of the cool CommTech teachers.
Ms. Zales. She was a great teacher. Although, I regretfully never took her class, she has helped me out of a few binds.

More pics to come, later.
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