Ponderings I Have Turned Into What Resembles Poetry...

Note: There are 20 of my poems that you will not see here, due to the circumstances that I would be embarrassed for the rest of my life if a certain person read them. So, please enjoy the poems I have here. Good day!

Here's a demented little one I wrote last year. Enjoy. It's titled, "What's the Use in Living?"

Why do we live,
What is the point,
Of our existance,
Is it to help others,
As they have so fondly,
Imprinted in my mind,
Is it just a coincidence,
An accident that we live,
Or is it something more,
Can we see,
Or are we blind,
To the reasons why we're here,
Why we have been dropped on,
This planet called earth,
To scamper about and ponder,
The purpose of living,
Maybe we are supposed,
To destroy ourselves,
With the enemy called,
Technology, which makes our live easier,
But kills us off nevertheless,
The bombs, the missiles, the nucs,
They will all kill us,
We are our own end,
There is no greater force,
Deciding our defeat,
Deciding when we will lose,
The human race.

Okay, I think when I wrote that last one, I was on a Pixie Stix rush. Here's another little ditty, it sounds like I was high when I wrote it. Secret is, I wasn't. I was just in a depressed mood. It's titled, "Lies."
Where is my knight,
Wearing shining armor,
A stupid faerie tale,
Where is my Romeo,
That's a long-lost cause,
Everything I have been told,
Everything I have known,
It is all bull, lies,
It doesn't happen that way,
Least ways, not for me,
I must be looking,
In the wrong places,
For I can't find my man,
Whoever is my Romeo,
I can't find him,
I doubt there is one,
Are crushes, lusts, sex,
None of the sweet, pure loves,
That were around long ago,
Mean a hell of a lot now,
They are all faerie tales,
Meaningless, sorrowful,
Just bedtime stories,
For young children,
And so the cruel cycle,
Begins all over,

Um, yeah, just a little depressed while writing that one. This poem expresses more of how I feel today. It's titled, "Beyond My Control." I wrote it this past summer.
As tough as iron,
As hard as steel,
That's how they describe me,
I'm strong, invulnerable,
Nothing can soften me,
Yet I melt, each time,
That I see you,
When I look into your eyes,
I get weak,
This is strange to me,
No guy has ever done that to me,
I can't describe the feeling,
The faintness I feel as I look,
Into those beautiful eyes,
I feel helpless, vulnerable,
Yet I would walk the world,
For you,
I would never let anyone,
Harm you,
I am very protective,
But I am weak as I look,
Into those eyes, that face,
Pictures aren't the same,
They come close, but I need to see you,
Your smile, your eyes in person,
My mind tells me that my knees buckle,
Due to circumstances,
Beyond our control,
And so it is.

Okay, if you've stuck around long enough to see all this, you're worthy of my latest compilation: Haikus! YES! Random pieces of thought that fell out of my head and happened to be 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables. Just click here.
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