Chat away ^_^

Wait for the JAVA applet to load up, with an 8 MB PC with an Pentium CPU of 75 MHz, it'll take about 35 secs to load, and with 24 MB, it'll take about 10 secs so its even better. Once done, all you have to do to join in, just type your name (at least three characters) on the bottom of this big box

Here are some of the commands to help you enjoy this chatroom even more:-

.quit = leave the chat
.msg name = send a private message
.help = go to help page
.who is name = get info about the user
.me action = to emote
.list = for the channel list
.join = for joining/creating a channel
.user = for a list of users on the server right now


The channel you are about to be joining in is "FCD" (aka Ace's chat)
If you would like to chat with Asians, please type .join DS, after you get in.
If you like to chat with anyone, and like lots of people. Type .join Welcome!
(Do not forget to type "!" on the end ^_^)

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