Net Addict's Reality Test

Well, well, well ^_^ The internet is very addictive, you have to admit, especially if your chatting all the time. Answer some of these questions:-

If you want to know, then take my "Net Addict's Reality Test" Simply by answering the following multiple choice questions and wait while I'll check your answers to see if you should be concerned or not ^_^
1 What do you think are good names for children?
2 What's a telephone?
3 Which punctuation is most correct?
4 You wake up at 4:00 a.m. and decide to:
5 What are RAM and ROM?
6 To avoid a virus you should:
7 When you want to buy something hard-to-find you:
8 When you don't understand how to use a new appliance you:
9 When you want to see all the beautiful people you:
10 How do you introduce yourself at a party?
11 When you're interested in someone at a party you say:
12 If you really like the person, you say:
13 When I say spam, you think:
14 When you receive an AOL trial diskette, you say:
15 When you want to research a reference you:
16 When you write a letter you:
17 Different types of text formatting include:
18 You correct errors using:
19 To keep a copy of your letter you:
20 When you want to hang out you:

Once you've answered all 20 questions, click to find out how many you've got right. The scoring will be as follows:-

  • zero points for each "a" response
  • 5 points for each "b" response
  • 10 points for each "c" response

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