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Okay, this news and updates page will do as its stated ^_^ It'll be all my updates that I make to this site with new pages and articles, so if your a regular visitor. Makes sure you check in here to see what's new. And if your a new visitor, then check everything out...its worth it ^_^

New CGE home page layout   5th July 1997 a bit bored with my old CGE home page look, and decided to give it an ultra Cool Guy treatment ^_^ See what you all think okay?

Enhanced font images   2nd July 1997
Ahhh...well I've messed around with Paint Shop Pro 4 for a while, and then sussed out how to do some cool looking font images. And here they are in full glory ^_^ See what you think.

My realm of secrecy   27th June 1997
This is my page accessible by those who are my true all those should know who they are, and so go ahead and type that code in ^_^ Others, well...didn't you wish you knew someone as cool as me?

Netscape 3 enhanced CGE logo   26th June 1997
The CGE logo on all my pages linked internally is Netscape 3 enhanced now, so when you move your mouse over it, it'll change colour. Pretty cool, check it out and go nuts ^_^

Link to main page   22nd June 1997
Okay, instead of linking every contents of my home page on every single page, I have just stuck a link back to the main page on the bottom of every page I've got. Its donated by my CGE sign, the infamous Cool Guy Eddie ^_^

GeoGuide   21st June 1997
I've incorporated this new GeoGuide feature from geocities into my home page. Its quite good actually. You can browse into the next page number from mine, you can search and you can visit my own personal links.

Mirabilis paging system   20th June 1997
Wow! Its amazing the amount of stuff you can have to aid your net usage ^_^ Now if your on geocities or IRC even, you can page me if you want to talk to me. But no guarantees that I'll be on the net. But I'll get your message anyway the next time I log on.

Fun JAVA applets   19th June 1997
I've browsed around the World Wide Web and came across some cool JAVA applets, so I've decided to stick it on my home page. All I've done is change the backgrounds and font styles. Everything else is remained as orignally found. So copyright remains with the creators of these JAVA applets. I take no credit whatsoever.

JavaScript intros   18th June 1997
Well how do you like my new JavaScript intros? I have incorporated a slide show effect straight into a fade out into my home page. I hope you like it, I know you might be saying there's too much JavaScript, that maybe, but that's only on the intro, you can bookmark the main.html and you won't see the intro again. Besides, I don't abuse the usage of JavaScript cause I'm cool ^_^

A collection of cool quotes   17th June 1997
So, I was bored and as I was happening to be reading some e-mail, I came across some cool quotes, and then I thought hey! That's a cool idea for my home page ^_^ Anyway, check it out.

My experience with net relationships   16th June 1997
This is about my relationship that I've just ended with an ex-best friend of mine on the net, and to be truthful, it was a fatal attraction of deceit and lies.

Song lyrics   14th June 1997
Okay, I just like to say that I absolutely love music, and I've put up some of my favourite songs up on my home page, well the lyrics anyway.

Poems   13th June 1997
I like poems, and so I thought I'd put up a poems page of some of the stuff I've written, thought there's not much. But it doesn't just stop there, if you have a poem, you can e-mail it to me and I'll put it on my poetry page.

Net Addict's Reality Test   10th June 1997
This is my interactive Net Addict's Reality Test. Want to see how addicted you are to the net? Then try this test now ^_^ I bet you are.

Tamagotchi   8th June 1997
Tama-chi I love these cute little cyber pets, they are so cool. I hope you've all got one, and remember...its all about responsibility. You can check out the status of mine and see how well I'm looking after it. guestbook   5th June 1997
Okay people, when you visit my home page, you can note down your virtual presence by signing my guestbook okay? That is if you haven't already. And I hope you do cause then I know who's visited...and possibly who cares ^_^

Links to my friend's sites   5th June 1997
Now its not just my home page that is cool you know. Check out my friend's Web sites and home pages. Also, I've got a few more too that you can visit.

Opening of my home page ^_^   4th June 1997
What can I say? But welcome to this wonderful home page of mine, and I hope you all enjoy what you see.

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