Play a Tamagotchi

By clicking on the 8 icons and the 3 blue buttons around Tamagotchi. The three blue buttons, from left to right, are A,B,C.

When Tamagotchi lives on earth for one day, it can gain one year older. If you offer more meals or candies, it'll gain weight. The score of Discipline shows Tamagotchi's personality. "O" is a postive score and "X" is a negative score.

Offer Tamagotchi meals or candies by clicking [A] button and select a meal or a candy and click [B] button.

The light bulb is inactive on the World Wide Web.

Play game with Tamagotchi. This game is called "Atchi muite hoi" which is popular in Japan. Just predict which side, right or left by clicking [A] button for left and [B] for right. If you can guess correctly which direction Tamagotchi would face, it'll have a better mood.

When Tamagotchi is ill, a cranium will appear. What you should do is to offer it an injection.

When you find that Tamagotchi's had a call of nature ^_^ (i.e. it poops) on the screen, you should flush it.

There is no function for the status icon since all the informaton of Tamagotchi is displayed on the screen.

You should scold Tamagotchi when its Discipline becomes poor. Otherwise, the virtual pet will grow into different shapes based on its personality.

The help icon is inactive on the World Wide Web.

Play with Tamagotchi now

Created by Ayris Alcala

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