Okay, speaking from a guy with hardly any experience with poems and stuff, its quite cool ^_^ There are a lot of types of poems out there, depending on the way you write them and stuff. Take a look at some of the ones below, and if you want to add your poem, then e-mail them in to me. The poems mean something, see if you can work it out. A poem is good when its written straight from the heart, and these certainly are ^_^ Note: These poems are copyrighted to me. So they can not be redistributed elsewhere, don't you forget that!

Content of poems


Life - By Cool Guy Eddie

Mysteries surround us, as life unfolds,
With forbidden stories yet to be told.
Our destiny are things of golden,
Time heals as dreams are chosen.
Stars are chased, when moons awake,
A wish upon us, a duty so great.
A love so strong, overshadowing all,
Yet hearts are broken, weaken they fall.
Fate is believing as light is shone,
Temptation is truthful, evil so gone.
When the beginning is about to return,
The soul within us, will get their turn.

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