Soon enough, I'll include a lot of stuff about these amazing Tamagotchi's, or cyber pets as they are sometimes known as. They are really cool, so I'll keep you all posted, and if not, just come round with a shovel and wake me up from bed all right...deal? shakes hands ^_^ Cool!

Angel Have you seen the status of my Tamagotchi? gasps It died today on the 10th June 1997 Rest In Peace my dear friend ^_^ Oh well, I can always start all over but I can't be bothered at the time being ^_^ anyway...

The growth stages of my Tamagotchi...

Egg The Egg stage
Baby-chi Baby-Chi
Maru-chi Maru-Chi
Tama-chi Tama-Chi

Well here's the stats before it died...

Type Ginjiro-chi
Name Otaku
Age 15 years
Weight 30 ounces
Discipline 100%
Hungry * * * *
Happy * * * *

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