Thanks to all my friends...your the coolest ^_^

I like to say thanks to all my cool friends out there on the net...Doublefish - many thanks, your my bestest friend out there ^_^ Oh, and get those hotels running smoothly laughs, Ace - your too cool for me, Sushi - nope, still haven't seen LoGH yet ^_^, Chun Li - keep up the cool work, your a cool gal and don't you forget it ^_~, WoOL@N - got my snail mail yet? We should go into fashion together ^_^, Eleanor - I'm no longer on AOL, but I miss you ^_^, China Doll - stay cool for Ace ^_^, Viv - how's it going? ^_^, Kaori - thanks for your moral support sis, Hiro - how's the Japanese going?, Dessie - buzzz Over! You there? ^_^, Princess - hang in there, MAT Sit TOP COW - I always wanted to know where you got that name from laughs, SCAPE - don't worry, your secret's with me...always ^_^, Aaron - man, were you right about Odessa, should listen to you more ^_^, DKMT - Hmmm, still on the net? ^_^, LOcKY - haven't heard from you for absolutely ages, Eri - its nice to know you, but you should be on more often ^_^, Tuna Pie - come on and tell me what does Sushi look like? ^_^, lui lui - I'm gonna have to speak to you more often right? ^_^, Serena - hi hi, and a lot more friends out there to come... just can't remember right at this mo ^_^ Besides, I don't need to thank every Tom, Dick and Hairy right? laughs I'm sure all my friends out there know me quite well... and if they want to be listed here, just drop me a note saying so ^_^

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