The Temple of Kodachi

An image of the sacred black roses

Behold, mortals, you stand in the prescence of beauty, grace, and perfection. Kneel and pray to the ultimate icon of beauty, the true megami herself,

Kodachi Kunou

The gods would weep to look upon one so fair...never let it be said she is flawed.

Any man who wouldst commit such heresy shall surely be forcefed Akane's cooking, then glomped by Shampoo until they beg for mercy! Then, be thrown, writhing in agony, unto Ukyou's griddle. At the last, he shall endure the sickening sweetness of Kasumi, and the pecuniary peculiarity of Nabiki.

Any woman who would dare take the goddess's name in vain shall be forced to date, in order:

Tatewaki Kunou,
Hikaru Gosunkugi,
Tsubasa Kurenai,
Mikado Sanzenin, and last,

What's New

November 1997:

New and more pictures have been added to the vestry.

The Holy Grounds of the Temple

A map of the temple grounds

For those without the gift of sight, let me lead you to:

The Library,

to read words of enrichment.

The Vestry,

to gaze upon the beautiful tapestries.

The Confessional,

to admit your sins and repent.

The Hymnal,

to hear her voice, and her song.

The Altar,

to pray and give offerings.

The Ten Commandments of the Black Rose

Thou shall have no other goddesses before thee.

Thou shall not take unto thee any false cooking,
not in the Tendo kitchen, nor the Nekohanten, nor the Ucchan.

Thou shall not take thy mistress' name in vain.

Remember the black rose, and keep it holy.

Do not honor her father and brother.

Thou shall not kill anyone but unworthy iinazukes.

Thou shall not commit adultery with Akane, Shampoo, or Ukyou.

Thou shall not steal her heart, for she already belongs to Ranma.

Thou shall not bear false witness for any other iinazukes.

Thou shall not covet thy goddess's house,
thou shall not covet thy goddess's iinazuke,
nor her manservant Sasuke, nor Midorigame,
nor her pretty ass, nor anything else that is thy goddess's.

Links to Fellow Worshippers of The Black Rose

The Shrine to Kodachi

A fellow acolyte of the Black Rose. At last, someone who recognizes beauty.

The Church of the Black Rose

Many more who hath been captured and captivated by her. There is here much to read and contemplate.

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