The SailorCentral text gallery was created to give those with slower modems (or shorter attention spans^_^) a chance to browse through all the great images I've collected in my web forays. Each entry includes a brief description of the image before you click on it, so if you're on a quest for one certain picture (for example, a manga jpg of Supersailorvenus), you can locate it much quicker. Note: the text gallery is NOT updated as often as the regular image gallery, because it's sort of labor-intensive, and my job keeps me busy a lot these days. However, at the moment the entire gallery is being (slowly) revamped so that images are organized into categories (for example, black and white manga scans, cels, transparent GIFs . . . ). This is a very slow process, so please, stop telling me how the Sailormoon gallery looks different from the others, et cetera. I am aware of this and am moving as fast as my free time allows.

Any questions, comments, or broken links I should know about? Email me.

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