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Dossier last updated July 2, 2008


Geocities closes Oct. 26, 2009, and I've moved everything to my new domain, schala.info. Please click the link if you are not redirected in 20 seconds.

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» Akino Arai discography

Basic data

KNOWN ALIASES: Nabiki, Daryl,
Babycamel, Chibischala,
possibly others
AGE: 27
GENDER: Female
SIGN: Taurus

INTERESTS: Final Fantasy, the Mermaid saga, anime, manga, Argentosoma, Harry Potter, cats, camels, carousel horses, karaoke, writing, video games, beadsprites, and likely much more

Schala is an elusive character and is often difficult to pin down. She has been spotted worldwide, including but not limited to various parts of the United States, the Philippines, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Greece and, most recently, Japan.

While it is difficult for even those closest to her to fathom all aspects of her personality, one major weakness stands out: her love of gathering and disseminating information on her various interests, of which she has many. The following is a recently intercepted message from Schala:

I've added several Chiense printings of the Mermaid Saga manga to the Mermaid Sage and added a couple new albums to the Leslie Parrish discography.

Sadly, many of my other projects have fallen by the wayside now that I have a regular job. My original Final Fantasy III novel is defunct...I might pick it up again once I figure out what I want to do. My lemon version is also on hold; I do have one new chapter written, but I don't like it that much, so I have to sit on it a bit.

Another love of mine that has somewhat died away (quite literally) is cats! At the height of our cat ownership we had about 10 cats or so, all outside ones. Read more in detail about my cats!

My cats page has generated quite a few comments even since it got linked to from this one site that deemed my page "useless" or something to that effect. Hehe...fame is cool. I intend to create a Scratching Post to highlight these comments. Oh, and it won't do any good to ask me my stance on animal cruelty or anything along those lines, because I wouldn't want to ruin the highly flattering view that people have of me, now would I?

One slightly insane (or so you may think *grin*) interest of mine is....CAMELS!!! Whoo-hoo! Yes, I like camels! Well...okay, I prefer dromedaries to two-hump camels. 'Tis a long story as to how I became so involved with them...let's just say it had to do with a certain mailing list that I once belonged to...*grin* Oh, and one final thing. I'm a collector, as you can tell. ^_~ I'm looking for some rare items, and I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands if you're willing to sell. Check out my Millennium Wish List here! ^_~

And that's me! Before you go, please sign my guestbook! ^_^ Thank you for visiting!

Mugshot gallery

This picture is a rare shot of her "Nabiki" alias, modeled after Nabiki Tendo from the "Ranma 1/2" anime. Be on the lookout.

An informant says this is her "Babycamel" persona, enjoying the shade in some tropical locale. Note the sleepy, bored appearance. This information has yet to be verified. Click on the picture for a closer look.

Identified works

Aside from the sites she mentions in her intercepted note, the following pages have been either positively identified as having been created by Schala or are linked to her inner circle in some way. They offer more detail into Schala's interests as stated above. They are the result of years of intelligence-gathering and represent just a small fraction of her interests.

Soon to come: A detailed Harry Potter character database

Schala's Shop: A site in which she sells various anime, game and other items from her personal collection.

Surveillance success: After mysteriously going under the radar for several years, Schala's list of CDs owned finally reappears.

Ningyo no Yume: Schala's collection of anime cels

A beadsprite photo gallery in which she shows off various video-game characters created with Perler beads and Hama beads.

Mermaid saga page: Devoted to the Mermaid series by Rumiko Takahashi, in which she has had a longtime interest.

Leslie Parrish discography: Dedicated to a Eurobeat singer in which she seems to have taken a great interest.

Akino Arai discography: Dedicated to one of her favorite anime/jpop singers.

A recycling page with information for Hawaii residents on recycling or disposing of old items.

Lyrics to songs that Schala has formed a particular attachment to. The choice of lyrics may have hidden meanings.

Daryl's Library - Final Fantasy CDs: Created under the alias of "Daryl," this site reveals her strong affinity for the music of the Final Fantasy video game series.

Schala's Final Fantasy III novel and other fanfics: More pages attributed to her "Daryl" alias. These pages expand on what is obviously her obsession with Final Fantasy.

Daryl's airship: The first known FF-related page she created under the "Daryl" alias. Surveillance shows that this page has not been updated in a very long time and is likely completely defunct.

Animekaraokes.com: Schala has been spotted in karaoke bars and several files have been intercepted, purportedly of her singing. Luckily, no permanent damage has been caused by those files.

Beads of Tears: Schala attempted to hone her skills in Japanese through her attempts at romanizing and translating this song, the ending theme to the anime "Mermaid Scar."

Accomplices and misc. data

The following are sites that Schala has promoted and people associated with her. More such accomplices may come to light. Her original descriptions have been left in place in the hope that her own words will tell us more of what we seek.
Check out Ryusen's homepage and admire his beautiful photography. He runs a Vampire: The Masquerade MET game called Honolulu By Night.

Newgrounds, a source of some really great Flash movies.

Psst...hey...didja have a feeling of deja vu when you watched The Matrix? You think it may have been your ghost talking to you? There just might be a conspiracy going on, and one brave soul is attempting to uncover it...

If you like Pokemon, mosey on over to Brian's page for a Pokedex and game guide!

What's Chad up to now? With him, you never know...and probably don't want to. ^_~

Visit Marisa's page!

Check out Tokenasians, the potpourri news site partially run by my friend Raul.

And here's Aaron Nakahara, this computer nut and aspiring comic artist who almost never sleeps. ^_~ Check his website for some of his gorgeous artwork!

In spite of her elusiveness, Schala once was easy to contact, but no more. Her last e-mail messages in late 2003 warned of a shutdown that would temporarily remove her e-mail abilities. So far there has been no word on her new contact information.

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