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from October 29, 1996 until May 2000, when my inaccurate counter was finally frozen.

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Welcome to the Crystal Palace. This is the main page, from which any of the subpages are merely a quick click away. The contents include such subjects ranging from astrology to anime, plus an extra page devoted to some of my favorite links. If you need to reach me at any time, email me at ifeder@hotmail.com. For those with web email, please try the contact page to write me--it'll probably be more convenient. In either case, I usually reply promptly, so don't hesitate to write. Click here for the most current news/updates.

The various offerings:

bullet The Anime and Manga Realm covers several anime and manga series, most specifically Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Hana Yori Dango, and Magic Knight RayEarth. Fanfiction, character profiles, and summaries are included among the features of this area. Several other animes are covered in lighter depth.

bullet Partially related to the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, the Astrology Sphere covers that connection and goes on to explain the purpose of astrology and its basic functions. Astrology is a centuries-old art, and spans far beyond the conventional horoscopes in the newspapers. Although not everyone is a believer, stop in to learn about some of its varying uses.

bullet The Links Page contains links that don't have much to do with my other pages. Mostly fun stuff; take a peek. Due to the priority of the links, they may be broken for longer periods of time due to my attention being focused elsewhere.

bullet The Mudding Arena deals with Multi User Dungeons and Dragon (MUDD, or Mud for short) games, and some resources for both mudding and for building in a CircleMud environment. Due to the relatively slow nature I have in starting new projects, this area may continue to be undeveloped for another few years ^_^

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