You come to Training Ground of Cursed Springs, Jusenkyo.

You visitor # to come here.

There many spring here, each with own tragic tale of something what drown there many year ago. Now whatever fall in spring take body of that thing. Be careful, for it very bad you fall in spring!
Here, I tell you who Jusenkyo associated with, and other announcements.
Now you meet people who fall in springs.

Ranma SaotomeBoy what fall in Spring of Drowned Girl tell you his life story.

Genma SaotomeMan what fall in Spring of Drowned Panda show you pictures of his son and others.

Ryoga HibikiBoy what fall in Spring of Drowned Pig show you how to get lost online.

ShampooGirl what fall in Spring of Drowned Cat want you to sign guestbook.

MousseBoy what fall in Spring of Drowned Duck give you information, including search engines.

These people not fall in spring. I keeping an eye on them, though.

Soun TendoMan with moustache show you pictures of many anime series.

Akane TendoGirl what real strong show you fan pictures.

Kasumi TendoGirl what real nice display photos of voice artists.

Tatewaki KunoRich boy give you weekly quote.

Kodachi KunoGirl with annoying laugh have fan fiction.

HapposaiOld man show you pictures of cute girls.

Ukyo KuonjiGirl with spatula run restaurant where you talk to other customers.

Hikaru GosunkugiStrange boy have photos of Japan.

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