You actually came to see my doujinshi!!! {faints with joy} ^_^


Welcome to the Doujinshi Page!!! ^_^ See? It finally grew!!! ^_^
And it'll *still* have more doujinshis, since
there're still tons of ideas floating around in my head!!! ^_^

Does that still worry you?? ^^;;

Enjoy!!! ^_^

My little doujinshi. ^_~


This is a doujinshi I drew for Shirin's birthday.
A short little 15 page dj, with an ending poem.
I had a better cover, but...
I lost it, so this has to do.
Gag all the way!!!


This is a short gag that popped up while I was trying
to practice on Photoshop. ^_^;;
Sequel to previous gag. ^_~


And this is a sequel to the previous gag, just 'cuz
I felt sorry for poor Duo-darling. ^_^;;
Doujinshi Preview Page One
Doujinshi Preview Page Two

So... what did you think? ^_^

Mou... ^^;; Only people wanted to see this? ^^;;