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Some of the links in the stuff catagory are downloads of some games I have made (Pen and Paper RPG's) I ask that you abide by the specifications I outline in the Files about Modification and Distrabution. (I'll probably never make a dime off of the things (and neather should you) but I would like to get the credit for the work.)

Also in the stuff catagory I have posted some immages in a gallary, some MIDI's, and some other stuff mostly not in any order. (I would like to credit sources and artists but I never made notes.)

The Links Catagory is just as it appears (Links to cool sites).
>>>>> Of particular note is the Anime Turnpike the largest listing of anime and manga sites I have ever seen. It ROCKS!
Hop a ride with Trixie Turnpike!
Gunnm Related Files.
THE MINING CO. "They mine the net so you don't have to!"
Eric's FREE Online RPG Compendium
IRC Gaming
Macross Related Files.
D&D Stuff
STEEL FALCON "Check it out!"
META-EARTH "Cool and AWESOME do not come close to describing this site!"
Cool Source Information Site
Gunnm Chat
Gunnm FanFic
Some GUNNM Stuff :
Car-Wars related Files.
Do you have a web site too? If you , like me want to list your site on as many search engines as possible go to they have a function that will put your page on like 6 different engines. :-)
Burning Dawn Files
MEDIA files
Hey! Do YOU have a link or a site you would like listed Here? send it to me: WormSpeaker.
All the Files on this site are free for you to use.
I don't want any money for them, however if you like them I would like it if you would send me some small tokens such as characters you have made, adventures used, Play Testing Information (problems with the game or sugested changes) or even better maby a copy of one of your games.

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