Ranma and Akane Forever Project

The Ranma and Akane Forever Project

I usually respect other people's opinions, but when it comes to Ranma and Akane... no...I won't let anyone question their love. That's how this project was born, as a simple way to prove that many people still believe that Akane and Ranma were meant for each other, and that no chinese bimbo ^_^ can seperate them.
So...here we are, the only cyber group based on two anime characters' love. The project's still very young, but it's rapidly growing...^_^

How to join the project

Do you share our beliefs? Would like to join the project? It's easier than joining a webring!
Just follow these simple steps:

#1- Choose a RAFP logo from our logo archive.
#2- Copy the html fragment below your favorite logo and paste it on one of your website's pages.
#3- Fill in our Form

Your site will be reviewed to make sure you've properly pasted the html fragment, and soon be added to our list of sites.

Other ways to help

If you don't feel like joining the project, but you still want to help somehow, or you don't have a webpage, or you've already joined the project and still want to help... You can!
We accept anything that concerns Ranma and Akane's love: essays, poems, Fan Art, Fan Fics...even if it's as crazy as my Top 10 reasons why Akane is the only true fiancee
The goal is to create a section full creative stuff...can't do it without your help ^_^

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone who joined the project, or helped in any way!
Thanks!Thanks!Thanks!Thanks!Thanks!Thanks!Thanks!Thanks!Thanks! ^_^

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