Ranma 1/2 Spectacular

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Brief Summary

Ranma 1/2 is all about this boy named Ranma Saotomoe who goes on a training trip with his pop. His pop took him to a cursed Chinese training ground containing many cursed springs. Without knowing Chinese, or bothering to listen to the guide that the grounds were cursed, they started training. Soon the two found out the horrors of Jusenkyo as they beat each other into ponds. Ranma fell into the Spring of Drown Girl and his pop fell into the Spring of Drown Panda.
Ranma is then taken to the Tendo Dojo where he is expected to marry Soun Tendo's youngest daughter Akane. Akane doesn't take to the engagement well due to a bad history with men and the fact that she is the most stubborn person on earth. From there on the two encounter countless troubles ranging from fiancees to vengeful Amazons to small animals and all the way back to perverts like Mikido and crazies like Azusa.

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