Magic Knights Rayearth Reminisce

Okay, weird name, but what do you expect? I got most of my info from varies pages.

Magic Knights Rayearth is a story of 3 girls thrown into another dimesion and given magical powers. The story was created in 1993 by a 4 woman team known as CLAMP. This story is brought to america through MixxZine, for all I know, though many people seem to know a great deal more than I do.

The Story

Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi are on a school field trip to Tokyo Tower when they hear a voice begging them to save Cephiro. The three strangers are then transported to the fantasy world Cephiro to meet a man named Guru Clef.
Guru Clef is a very powerful magician. He tells the girls that they are the legendary Magic Knights and that they must save Cephiro. He also tells them that they can't go back to Tokyo until they save Princess Emeraude from an evil priest named Zagato. he tells them that the princess used the last of her strength to bring them here and that they can't leave because they don't have a way to get back.

Of course the three girls stay and become friends. Guru then gives them their magic abilities right on the spot. Unfortunetly, he is only able to teach Hikaru her ability before haveing to fight one of Zagato's minions. The girls escape and are instructed to find Presea in Forest of Silence. Zagato transforms Clef into stone while the girls are looking through Presea's house.

After a slight misunderstanding with Presea, Presea makes them weapons out of a mystaical mineral called Escudo. After recieveing their weapons they must find and reawken their machines, large robots at their disposial. They are called Mashin in the story, and they are supposed to help them rescue the princess.

Throughout their journey, the brave girls must battle monsters, out manuver tricky charactors, and defeat many of Zagoto's minions. As their skill and ability improve, their weapons and armor grow with them. This is the property of Escudo-"weapons that grow".

Chalk full of humor, excitement and true love, this series is one of the all time best, loved by many people world wide.

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