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Lotor, Prince of Doom

Who is Lotor, you ask? Well, that answer is simple - if you watched the Voltron series that aired on American television around 1984. Originally a Japanese series called Golion, Voltron was beloved by scores of children. Today, Voltron is a staple of 80's retro themes. What made Voltron so neat? Well...that's a more difficult question to answer. Myself, I adored Voltron and even had a hint of a crush on Keith, pilot of the Black Lion in the series. (For those of you who have never watched Voltron....trust me. LOTS of girls had crushes on Keith.) It was only later, when Voltron was re-aired on the FOX network that I found myself intrigued with Lotor.

HEY! Okay, it's true, I'm not updating this site anymore. I suppose the usual applies, "less time" and "slightly lost interest." BUT there's something important you should know! As of January 2004, there's a new Voltron comic book out and it's GREAT! It's by Devils Due, and has a very, very nice looking Lotor. ;) Plus, the stories are awesome. So go check it out!

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What have I got here for you, O' Traveller from the 'Net? A whole plethora of items. There's lots of information, tons of pictures, fanfiction, fan art and...well...why don't you take a look around?

*Thoughts on Lotor's character, as well as more information.

* Pictures of Lotor start right here! This page will point you to an enormous amount of screen shots, toy pictures, oddball 'fun with Photoshop' pictures and even more screenshots. And now, a great new gallery showing Voltron: 3rd Dimension images of Lotor!

* NEW!! Fanfics start on this page, and trust me, there's a lot of good fanfiction there! Patty has given us another fun fanfiction, and Meina has given us two poems!

* NEW!! Fan art, great fan art. Some go along with the fanfictions here and some don't, but they're all fun. ;) Great new art from KK60 and LobsterClaws!

* Prince Sincline, who was Lotor in the Golion series, is explained here. This page also explains some of Lotor's origins...

* Wallpaper of our one and only, Lotor!

*Sounds of Lotor for right now, with one of Allura. Check 'em out!

* Virtual Lotor Cards! Yes, send a picture of Lotor to a friend, Doom Slave or whomever you wish. Free, too. ;)

Little cute Lotor

Brief summary

Lotor is the son of King Zarkon, the ruler of Planet Doom (and, it seems, an entire empire). Lotor appears about one-third the way through the first season, coming back to Doom after conquering several planets. As the series progresses, he finds that he has a nearly consuming obsession to marry Princess Allura, the only ruler of Planet Arus. Many of the people on Arus were taken as slaves by Zarkon when he overtook the planet. However, the Princess remained (along with her adviser, Coran), only to become fodder for a myriad of dangers involving Zarkon and his son.

Lotor and Haggar

It's the ears...gotta be the ears.

How nifty is Lotor? Very nifty. He's strong...that much is obvious. He's one of the few who can actually battle Keith to a draw. Granted, his personality is a bit flat at times, but if you ask those of us who like him (and there are a few...), we'll tell you that he just didn't get enough air time to draw out more of his essence.

He has a tender side. ("What's this? A villain with a tender side? Nonsense!"). This side is only shown in regards to Allura, however. In one episode, Haggar contrives a plan to trick the Voltron force, along with all of Planet Arus, into believing that Princess Allura is dead. After being laid to rest, Haggar reasons, the Princess could then be stolen by Lotor. To trick everyone, Haggar created a knife that would cause Allura to appear to no longer be breathing. When presenting this knife to Lotor, he exclaimed, eyes wide, "But it will cut!". Cackling, Haggar explains to the prince that it causes no pain, merely sleep. She even goes so far as to call the prince "timid" in regards to his reaction towards harming the Princess. There are other examples of his feelings for her, too, such as when he alerts Keith to the fact that Allura could be in danger...

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Special thanks to David Din and Thomas Nongyow!

They are the ones responsible for scanning all the nifty Lotor pictures you see both on this and the pictures pages. What great guys! I miss both of their great pages.

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