Shadow greets you to her super-ultra exclusive D&D page!

Well, as you are probably guessing, this is a D&D restrictions and applications sheet...tells you what you have to do to play D&D with me and my group.


1. First. Foremost: IMAGINATION!!! You must have LOTS of imagination to play my D&D game, especially as you will never see any of the other players.

2. Second: A computer! A computer is absolutely necessary to attend the D&D sessions! Absolutely IMPERATIVE!!!

3. Third: ICQ, or another compatible multi-person format, and also, you must be able to send me a copy..I use a PC running Windows 95.

4. Fourth: An E-mail must be able to send me your biography of your character...this is what we will be going by in the game. NOTE: Only I will see your Bio unless you specifically tell me to let others see.

If you think that I'm excluding all the people who are using Unix and Linux, don't despair..there is a Unix version of ICQ on it's way.

5. Fifth: Understanding. Every one of my characters has a fault, and every one of them needs care...There will always be one person in the group that will fill the main part of it, but every person must be able to understand that there is a person out there that needs love and attention...more attention than love, BTW.

My character will always single out a single person or two people to lavish her/his attentions on, so don't be discouraged that my character seems to ignore happens to everyone.

6. Sixth: Humor. There will be various cameos by various characters from various series that I have watched before...anything from curses in Ranma 1/2, to "J" from Men in black. There will be various things that only a few people will get at first, and then there will be things that everyone can laugh at.

7. Seventh: Patience. There will be times when the entire group can NOT be there, so you have to understand that there will be times that the group can't meet. Also, I will call for, at times, that people stand up and walk around a bit. This is NOT an is a requirement. This is so that everyone can get a breather and have a chance to get a little perspective on the game. Because that is what it is...a game.

There is one last point.

Rules lawyers will be tolerated, but this is a game of role-playing ...not dice-mongering or rules-discussing. If you want to do that, you can play, but don't do it in the lessens EVERYONE's fun.

Now, as to the application. You have to e-mail me a message with "D&D application" in the subject heading. In the message, you should include your name, age, and general likes and dislikes, various shows you have watched, and ONE show that you like in particular. I will try my hardest to cameo from your favourite show at least once. You should include your ICQ number or the name of the chatting program you use and the place where I can find it. Also, you should put in the name of your character, your preferred race, and where he/she was born.

Here is the general format.

To: liath - at - softhome - dot - net
From: [Your Name]
Subject: D&D application

Name: [Your name]
Cname: [Your character's name]
Email: [Your E-mail address]
L&D: [Your likes and dislikes]
Age: [Your age]
Shows: [Your list of shows]
Fshow: [Your favourite show]
ICQ#: [Your ICQ number]] OR [[Chatting utility]: [Your name/number] : [Where to find it on the web]]
Race: [Your preferred race]
LoB: [Your character's location of birth. Can be anywhere/any will be changed to fit the campaign]

Any questions, send an email to me with "D&D question" in the subject heading, and your question in the body of the message.

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