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Standard Lemon Fic Warning
    Warning, this fic contains scenes of a Frank and Explicit nature. It
might also include Frank and Samantha scenes as well. If this sort of
thing disturbs you, come no closer. If your some underage kid, looking
for naughty bits, then E-mail me personally. I'll tell you a few real
life stories that'll make you wise up and cherish that innocence you
seem so eager to lose!

OtakuNXS presents...

                Mousse's Fun with Fellatio

    Mousse flopped down on his futon with a whimper. The day had not
been a good one and he was glad to see (actually, more like blindly
stare the wrong way) it go. Shampoo had been acting strange all day and
seemed as though she had something to tell him but couldn't. The
attention had interfered with Mousse's normally calm and cool facade.

    Then, his robes had caught on fire. Stupid old hag had tried to beat
the fire out with her cane and had nearly crippled him. His beloved had
come to his rescue with a bucket of water just as he was slipping into
unconsciousness. The last thing he had remembered was Cologne saying,
"Put out the duck wing." and the sweet unconciousness a severe
concussion warrents.

    What was Shampoo going to tell him, he wondered. Could she finally
be renouncing her claim on Saotome. Had his love finally won her over.
No, as much as it hurt, he knew that wasn't possible, as long as Ranma
stayed indecisive, he would never have her love. With a heartbroken
sigh, Mousse removed his glasses, and tried to find happiness in his

    "Wo Ai Ne," whispered Shampoo in his ear. This dream was already
better then most and Mousse feared to awake.  Shampoo, slowly and
deliberately began to cover his body in a blanket of kisses.  Her moist
lips gathered flesh to her open mouth, as she playfully bite him. Down,
she continued, following kiss with heated gasp and then kiss again.
Then, her mouth seemed to find what it had been looking for.

    Her soft lips brushed the head of his penis, causing it to swell.
She giggled softly as she gently blew her hot breath down on his body.
Opening her mouth, she took the tip of his cock and gently cradled it
with her tongue. Making purring noises, she seemed to quiver slightly
along her whole body as she swallowed his penis whole. With soft yet
determined movements, she brought her mouth up and down the entirety of
his shaft.  Her long purple hair draped itself over her face and his
lower body.

    Looking down at his love, he smiled deeply and cradled her head in
his arms.  She began to fade. "No," thought Mousse "not yet!" Moaning,
he slowly awoke, drenched in sweat, still feeling her hair around his
legs, her tongue on his... his...

    Mousse then realized, he could still feel it! The excitement sent
shock waves up an down his body, her hair still entwined with his bottom
half, her mouth still wrapped fully around his cock. Suddenly, the
enormity of what was happening overwhelmed him. Another sensation
overwhelmed him as well, he was about to cum.

    "I'm-I'm going to-going to," he breathlessly tried to warn her, warn
her before he could dirty her with his juices. But, without a word, she
simply increased her speed, edging him closer and closer to the brink.
Then he fell in, she hungrily swallowed at his head, ravenously sucking
up every drop. His love had drunk deeply from his manhood. Mousse passed
out in exhaustion.


    The next day started early for Mousse. He dressed and bathed
hurriedly, only a little disappointed that Shampoo had not spent the
night in his bed. But, he thought, there was enough time for that kind
of thing later. They had taken those all important first steps, and
already he felt like singing.

    Downstairs, he nearly ran into great-grandmother. "Sorry elder," he
apologized, not really caring if Cologne hit him are not.

    "What you mean elder? Stupid Mousse." Shampoo glared at him as he
readjusted his glasses. Then, looking downward, she seemed to remember
herself and blushed. "Errrr Mousse, I needing ask you something."

    Stepping closer, Mousse smiled, "Don't worry, my love, I would never
tell anyone of your precious gift to me last night. That was for you and
me, alone."

    Shampoo stepped back. "What Mousse talking about? I have new dress I
want to wear for Ranma. I need man opinion, even half man like you."

    Mousse looked at his love, perplexed. Suddenly, the business end of
a cane poked him in a rather unbuisnesslike fashion, squarely in a
certainly nobodies buisness area of his backside.

    "Leave him be Shampoo, the boy still has me to tend to. After all,
it's Amazon law; you can't receive without giving. Come on Mousse, we
need to work on that stamina of yours. Then I'll show you some new.

    Unbidden, and though he did everything in his power to resist it,
Mousse's mind added up the data. Long hair, didn't have on my glasses,
only felt her face, he adjusted for Pai, carried the two out on a
stretcher and stared at the more then mildly revolting development. Oh
for the love of GOD!

        Cologne sighed as she watched the screaming male depart. "Great,
now what am I going do with all this haggis and the dead parrot?"