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Darkfic, but what the hey, your already this far. It can't be THAT bad
and it IS my first Sailor Moon fic. Dig right in, heck, you could even
C&C me if you like.

                Nightmares In the Daylight

        The late afternoon sun bathed her in it's healing light.
Everything always seemed so much clearer in the sunshine. Night was too
full of fear, to full of memories. People had chosen night time to sleep
for more then just visibility reasons. It was just the only way to get
through it. You just had to close you eyes and pray that it ended soon.
With the glare of the light off the fountain, the Senshi found her mind
could drift. It could serenly avoid any thoughts of what took place
before the dawn.

        He had been such a handsome boy. Not that she had gotten the
nerve to tell him, but he had known how she felt. He must of noticed how
she was always out of breath around him, how her hand sought out his of
it's own violition. She had never been able to look him in the eyes, any
direct contact like that, and he would swallow her, body and soul. Then
the events of last night came crashing back down, tearing through the
pathetic mental sandbags she desperately stacked for protection. His
eyes had stared into hers last night and their hollow blackness made her
want to curl up and die.

        How had the beast known who to take? How had it known when to
take him? Why hadn't it just taken her instead? Her boyfriend was no
longer beautiful. His smiles that once lit up the darkest of glooms was
now a predatory grin. The hand that had once been so soft and gentle in
their unfamilarity with the world, were now drenched in scarlet. And his
eyes... they no longer cradled, they consumed. Shivering as the damning
memory of what had been meant to be the most perfect of evenings, the
young woman wrapped her knees up in her arms and rocked herself on the
edge of the fountain.

        "What's wrong lady?", brown curls obsured the sunlight as a
small quisitive face came into veiw. "You sick or sumthin'? I can get my
mommie, she's got some medcine."

        "Nothing I need." the young woman sighed, looking off in the

        "Hmmmm, not medcine, but sumthins wrong. Let me see." The little
girl frowned to herself as she looked the Senshi up and down. Finally
she stood and scratched her head as she puzzled the matter out. "Oh... I
know! You need a cookie. That's a cookie face!" the child smiled to
herself, happy of her diagnostic skills.

        The young woman watched, slight amuzement finally making it's
mark on the corners of her lips. The little girl fumbled around in a
Hello Kitty purse and tossed out small bits of tissue and toy make-up.
Finally, the child held the choclate morsel out triumphantly. Slight
twists of the lip becam a smile as if all the answers in the world were
being held out by this tiny nurse. A tear formed in the corner of her
eyes as she shook her head, "Thank you, really, that's the best thing
anyone could have given me. But why don't you eat it."

        "Are you argooing with a physist, phyisc... a doctor? Eat it!"

        The Senshi's eyes went wide, then her mouth split wide open and
out tumbled more laughter then she thought she'd ever here again,
especially coming from her belly. With eyes that had to be wiped twice,
she took in this magnificent young girl. The girls bottom lip was being
firmly clenched by her top, obviously indignant over being laughed at.
"I'm sorry, reallly I am." the woman wiped her eyes again and took on a
serious face, lost it to a giggle, and finally regained as much
composure as she felt possible. "Tell you what, we'll split it, how's
that? I think you have a need a cookie face too."

        Thinking this over seriously, the child nodded, "Mom says I
always have a need a cookie face. Must be genetis, gentle... from her
side of the family."

        "How very sweet, don't you just want a couple of dozen?" The
voice dripped sickily out of a body, without a soul. "Tell you what, how
about I fix her up for us? Extra crispy?"

        The Senshi's heart sank, torn from it place in the sun and
through into the deepest pits of hell. "I won't let you touch her! Do
you here me? I'll die first!"

        "My, such strong feelings for what is little more then a morsel,
not even a full mouthful." The eyes that could eclipse the sun with but
a glance turned to them both. Then he shrugged and put a hand, the hand
that the young woman had seen tear someone heart out, to his breast.
"Right here. You can stop me, save the girl and be a hero if you just
fire right here. But we know you won't do it, you couldn't save that
couple we ran across last night. In fact, as I recall, you ran away.
Something we ate at the resturaunt? If you had waited, I'm sure I could
have served up something more appetaizing."

        Her eyes stung and her heart hurt. Holding back power did that
to you. She was hesitating she knew it. Somewhere deep inside that
loathsome hole of a soul was the man she loved, if only she could reach
him someway.

        The boy put his hands back into his pockets and sighed, exaiming
the cherry blossoms as they trickled from the tree tops. "Still can't do
it can you? Deep inside me is a boy and you just can't bring yourself to
cause him pain. Of course, where he is, he'd never feel a thing, but you
just won't risk it." Shaking his head, he removed his left hand, the one
not facing the Senshi, from his pocket and slowly gathered the nessicary
black energy. "That makes you a coward, I can't stand cowards." With a
shriek of lungs filled with the air of a grave, he reached out his left
arm and let the darkness fire from his outstrecthed palm.

        The Senshi closed her eyes, unable to reconcile her living any
more. She had hesitated and thus let this nightmare loose on the world.
Then a body crashed into hers, slamming her to the ground. Amazed she
could still do so, she opened her eyes and looked down. "You o-okay...
lady?" the little girl croaked out, her arms still spread wide as she
had lept to block the blow.

        Tears that had once flowed in joy over the simple gift of a
chocholate cookie, ran down her cheeks once more, this time in grief for
that which was lost. There was no screaming from the Senshi, no denial
she rocked the body back and forth. Just a simple acceptal of her role
in all this and a firm determination that this was not the end. One
strong hand held the child's body to her chest while another pointed out
towards the young man in front of her.

        The boy looked at her with confused eyes they darted from her,
to the child and to her hand that was now glowing with energy. "What,
where am I? What happened? Why are you dressed like that?"

        The Senshi simply shook her head. "I'm sorry, that's not gonna
work anymore. It's time for the man I loved to go to sleep, the
nightmares finally over. I'll meet him when the sun shine's again." With
that, she let loose the force that had been building up, ready to burst.
With that, the young man's body slammed and then crumpled lifelessly
against a cherry tree.

        "Sweet dreams my prince." She bowed her head and held the
child's lifless frame close to her bodies. Mentally, she tore her
defenses to pieces. There would be no rationalization and no comforting
thoughts for one such as she. She had let it all happen, and when the
aching in her heart did hit, she sentanced herself to bear every drop of
it. Then the child moved and suddenly life rushed back through the
Senshi's veins.

        "Wha...wha happened? Where's that guy?"

        "I put him to sleep, shhhhhh, it'll be okay."

        "Put him to sleep, why?" The young girl was obviously feeling
much better. She even tried to twist around to see what was behind her.

        "Because he was having a scary dream, I had to let him sleep it
away." Her throat chocked on the last as she gently pressed the child
head to her shoulder. No since giving this one nightmares as well.

        "But, I thought you knew. I can only take over a host once.
Afterwards, their beyond my influence."

        The Senshi's eyes opened wide and begged for the light. Anything
to rob this darkness from her sight. The boy had been... and now the
girl was...

        "Poor little woman. You killed your boyfriend, you let me take
the girl's soul and now you let me get my hand to your chest." Ths soft
sound of punctured flesh, the crunching sound of tearing, missplaced
bone, the sickening sound of something being torn from somewhere moist.

        The Senshi fell to the ground, the last sound it heard was a
mother, calling to her child. "Good night sweet princess," the little
girl whispered into her ear as she placed a wet, blood stained kiss on
the young woman's cheek.

        Then the little girl ran off, to see her new mother and her new

The End

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