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            Dragon's Eye View

    A spiral of light and darkness.  That's all I can call it,
this..."sleep" phenominon.  Occasionally I can see images of the
future and past in it, but mostly I see only light and darkness
spiralling around each other...a continuing mesh of what can be
and what was.
    I probably don't make any sense to you right now, but then,
I'd be very suprised if you could understand me.  To understand a
dragon is to understand the universe.  As far as I know, no-one
understands the universe, therefore, as far as I can tell, no-one
can understand me.
    My name is Cat-ni-Corrine-vas-Arg.  In standard human
language, Cat, daughter of Corrine and Arg.  The reason for my
father's name is because he died shortly after mother asked for
his name...she replaced what his name might have been with "Arg",
because that's the last thing he uttered in this lifetime.
    The reason for that being that mother ate him.
    That surprise you?  Well, since mother had cast a spell to
make herself look human for a time, (she wanted to see what it
was like for humans to have children) and had sex with father,
she thought it natural that humans did the same thing as
dragons...namely that the females take a big bite of the males,
or sometimes even eat the whole person, after their first time
for sex.  Unfortunately, mother took a bite just a tad too
big...saying that she changed back to dragon form and swallowed
him whole.
    Apparently, she didn't enjoy the tryst too much.
    Mother makes the stupidest puns at times...although this one
that she told me about that night is fairly good.  She said that
the tryst was a good "one knight stand-wich."  Needless to say,
when I finally figured it out, I was laughing for days.
    My father was what you might call an exotic.  Well, even that
might be a little too light.  My father looked like he was half
human, half cat.
    Now, this might mean nothing to you, but to me it means a
great deal...especially when I don't fit in with any particular
group when it comes to anything.  I look mostly like a human, if
you happen to ignore my ears and tail...both of which scream out
my feline heritage.
    While some things can surprise even me, nothing surprised me
more than the fact that I, unlike other dragons, look human most
of the time.
    With most of the time, I mean that once a month, when the new
moon rises, I shed my human disguise and fly the skies with my
bretheren, taking joy in the simple act of flying.  I think of it
as "shedding the shell..." even though that isn't what it looks
like at times.
    The last time I shed my shell was three weeks ago.  Normally,
at this time, I go looking for another dragon to talk to, to
maybe fall in love with.  Unfortunately, I've had to live as a
normal human most of the time, for dragons usually take umbrage
to a human or even human looking dragon living in their midst.
But then, they get mad at each other when they pop in on each
other's territories.
    There are times that I envy the humans.
    That takes me to my current particular problem.  I happened
across a fellow half-dragon recently.  Now, to you this might
mean nothing, but to me, well, it means a lot.  Especially when
you add in the factor that the other half-dragon I found is
    Now, among humans, a same-sex relationship is considered
sinful, whatever that means.  But among dragons, it's considered
normal...especially when you add in the fact that one of the two
dragons usually has the power to change their sex for one night
or so.  That one night being the night of the new moon, of
    This leads into the problem itself.  One of the local humans
has taken to following me around at times, when I'm in his area,
and handing me flowers.
    That human isn't really what I might call "handsome," or even
beautiful...although he might be able to be that way if he put
his mind to it.  I might even grow to like him if he starts
treating me properly, instead of a prize to be won.
    Now my mixed heritage is apparent to anyone who really looks
at me...but this human that says he "loves" me seems not to see
all this...he follows me regardless of the way I look.  For some
reason, I think he's blind.  Oh, well ... that's his problem.
    But then, it could be my problem, too...for why else would a
human follow me around?  Maybe he's different in some way, too.
Not that I'm interested, mind you, but you never know.  If
anything, the music he plays for me when he sees me isn't that
bad...maybe I'll listen to him.
    Then again, maybe not.
    His music runs through me, reminding me of one of the few
"human" pleasures that I like from this time.  Music runs around
the entire world...many authors, many types, many ways...all of
them expressing that infinite expression known as emotion.  Why
does it affect me?  I don't know...all I really care about that
for is the fact that it affects me in some...strange way.
    Strange enough for me to realize that it might be a good
thing to have emotions sometimes.
    Finally the whirling of "sleep" slows down and my
consciousness decides to assert itself.
    Awaken Cat, last princess of the silver-mountain clan.