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Magic Class 101 By Shadow Dancer

Basically, this is a story about a boy who gets some weird magic powers, visits the Ranmaverse a couple times, and basically makes a nuisance of himself. A dropped story. If you want to know why it was dropped...well, take a look and see how pitiful it is for yourself.

Is This a Dream? Or a Nightmare? By Shadow Dancer

This one's about a boy who, somehow, drops in(literally) on Jusenkyou and gets a permanent curse. Due to a small imagination surge on my part, this story is finally complete. I think I should label this one "LEMON" 'cause that's what's in it.

Alternate Landings, Episode 1 By Shadow Dancer

This is a weird story where I take a couple ideas from out there, and mash them together. Ranma fell in a hot-spring of drowned young girl, and did some really stupid things after. This one is currently still being written, albeit very slowly. Let me try that again...INFINITELY slowly.

Well, thanks be to all, I've started work on this bit again, give me a few months and we'll see if I actually post it again.

If you want to get a progress indicator, send mail to me with [alt_current] in the subject heading. I'll send you a brief description of how far I am into the story.

the End of Pain is another story I've been working on for a while, currently posted are chapters 1 through 8, and the christmas teaser. Written by Liath Hidson, or Shadow Dancer, both being myself. It starts off dark, and gets somewhat better, but don't expect perfection any time soon, as it IS me writing it ^^

Dragon's Eye View is a story that I'm working on, currently. This one is proceeding very slowly, albeit faster than any of my other stories. This one is completely original, even to the point of setting and time-frame. I absolutely refuse to spoil the story for anyone. Mail me a message asking for the current review on the story and I'll give it to you...but not the story itself. That, I'm saving for my prereaders, only.

Sorry 'bout that.

Oh, here's Cat's interview that she wrote up not too long ago.

Keener Barnes has graciously let me place a few of his stories on my page. Please email him in regards to his stories...every writer likes hearing from the masses.

Mousse's fun with Fellatio a Lemon story, based in Ranma 1/2. Warning, adult content.

The Uses of a Knife A dark fic, centered on the character Ukyo. on the "Must Read" list =^_^=

Hashbrowns and Nightgowns A humorous fic. also a Must Read =^_^=

Suicide blast, parts 1, 2, and 3. A dark story, where Ryouga learns the ultimate version of the Shishi Houkoudan. ( Still in the works. )

Nightmares in the Daylight A Sailor Moon fic. Dark.

Tara K. Harper has a series of stories that, in my books, are extremely good. Her WolfWalker stories can be found on shelves of bookstores everywhere, and she has the previews of her stories on this page. A must read for everyone.

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Narrabundah 1/2 By Urac Sigma

I'll let this page speak for itself.

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