God gave you wings,
And a voice to sing,
Although you don't know why;
Powers so fair,
Suddenly not there,
Find your own reason to fly.

(c) October 22, 1998, Liath Shadow

Christmas Poem for my Love, Becky

In my heart, I see,
You hold my heart so true,
You are the one for me,
I would do anything for you.

From the eyes of a dove,
You love me, as I love you,
All I wish is your love,
Gentle, caring, oh so true.

My heart is painful,
With need for your love,
When you look down on me,
With your eyes, from above.

Your eyes shine with love,
Your beautiful eyes, so clear,
Looking down from above,
I love you, oh so dear.

I love you, Becky,
I love you, true,
I hope you can see,
That I do love you.

(c) December 07, 1998, Liath Shadow

Christmas Poem for David, first found of my heart

There are times, in this life,
When hearts do sing,
Hopeful, wonderful,
Love on the wing.

Love finds many champions,
Reluctant ones, so few,
First in my heart,
Reluctant champion, you.

Reluctant no more, but holding,
Love on your own,
This is what pleasure,
The seeds of Love have sown.

First in my heart,
First of my soul,
First to make me,
A part of a whole.

(c) December 09, 1998, Liath Shadow

Christmas Poem for Mar`Pai, Friend, confidante

Heart of gold,
Eyes both warm and cold,
Caring of others,
Heart already sold.

Heart sold to Love,
Love of your Papa,
Papa Sir Cat Lord,
You love not another.

Cat, holder of your heart,
Your love, your soul,
NekoDamioSama, the one,
Who makes you feel whole.

The one who holds your heart,
Your Master, your Friend,
You love him forever,
Your Love never ends.

(c) December 09, 1998, Liath Shadow

This page is to be filled with poems, all to be poems of hope, or helping. These two poems start the page, and if you have any others that you'd like to submit, or any graphics that you'd like to submit, please send them to Liath Shadow with, in the heading, "Wings page addition".

Thank you for visiting this page of hope.

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