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Updated on August 8, 1999

The Marklings gathered in Portland, Oregon the weekend of July 23/24 for the time of their lives.  Why were we there?  To see the greatest martial artist in the world, Mark Dacascos (OK, so we're just a tad prejudiced).

We came from as far away as Holland (and the James Lew fans came from as far as Sweden), some of us to meet for the first time.  Here is the tale of our adventure told in pictures (which are, after all, worth a 1000 words).

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Here are some of the Marklings at the Friday night event.  In the foreground we have Imaginary Girl and The Mystery Markling.  Right behind and between is Catladyx7.  Back row is Aisa, Skye, WHKDgal, and Monkey Girl, um I mean Cladaghcms.  Gee, I wonder where I was when Madwalker took this pic? 

Come wander the tourney galleries:

Mark Dacascos Performs Wu Shu
- not as good as the live version, but hey, it's all you get
Mostly Mark
- but some others, too
Sifu Al Dacascos
- Mark's awsome dad
Sparring Technique Demonstration
- Now 2 pages with some Capoeira pics on page 2
Martial Artist Marklings
- we're not just pretty faces
The Dragonmaster
- the incomparable James Lew
The Autograph Table
- making the fans happy - Now 2 pages, new pics added 8/8/99
Group Photo Session
- after the autographs
A Murder of Crows
- Marklings at play - a couple new photos 8/8/99
Dinner Fun
- after Mark, our favorite thing:  food.  Featuring the famous "Orange" photo!
Saturday Night at the Hotel
- completely pooped but happy
Miscellaneous Photos
- you never know what you'll find here!

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