Random Thoughts... (Kevin Wells)
Random Thoughts...

12:13 AM 1/7/2008
The Year in review.

This is the begining of a new chapter in a blog that started many years ago. All previous entries have been removed from this site and locked away in a time capsul so that only i can view it. And by locked away in a time capsul, I mean permanantly deleted off this sever and my hard drive.

New year's resolution: excersise more. Play DDR!

2007 went by lot faster than the rest. I'm only 20, but aging seems to make time move progressivly faster. It sucks.

1:14 AM 1/7/2008
Excersise or insanity?

DDR is fun. Look. I wanted to lick the screen.

10:52 AM 1/8/2008
Nice weather we're having

T'was unseasonably warm today. Purchased some items for school today and went to Maxwells--which sucked. Oh well, until agin...