I the webmistress Katie have gotten fed up of something about this site...GEOCITIES!!!!!!!! ECKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! Well I really don't have much of a problem with it but its jst that I'm getting fed up of where Geocities is going. I really don't have a problem with my many other sites on Geocities but this site, with some stuff I'm doing, just arn't going good with Geocities. So I'm MOVING! Right now I am will be a bit slower at excepting e-mails and such. Also I think that that thing with Swiya got old. I think I made it just a tad to hard to find the answer. Everyone whom e-mailed me about it gave the wrong answer (there were aatleast 30 people whom e-mailed me).
Well I guess your sick of me blabing. Go on to the really old main page ::sigh::.