Hello and welcome to "The Mecca's Banner Links" and this is where to find my banners if you want to link my site, and i encourage you please do i dont mind at all. Please I only ask one thing and that is e-mail me first and tell me so I know ok. Just click righthere to e-mail me and tell me that you link it. Here right now are two banners, that i have made more are coming soon, as soon as I make them.

How to Link my site
    Hopefully, if you want to link mah site, dat u know HTML yourselves, all you have to do is download the image into your directory and insert the link.

Note: Remember when you download the image in to your site drirectory, dont put my website url put yours so you are using the image in your directory, so just in case mines is broken you can use yours.

So here are the link banners to my site I hope to make more soon:

Filename: linkbanner01.jpg

Filename: linkbanner02.jpg

Updated: August 9, 1999