Ryo-Ohki on Sasami's head Two sides of Sasami Sasami relaxin' on the beach Sasami looking through the window Group pic with Tenchi and WashuSasami, Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki Flower postcard of Sasami

Sasami in front of a wall with Tenchi illustrations Sasami in the snow Sasami holding Ryo-Ohki Sasami on the Tenchi in Tokyo episode cover Sasami as a little girl on Jurai Sasami dressed in white Nice reflection from Sasami to Tsunami Sasami having fun in the water

Sasami in the snow once again Sasami in Tenchi in Love! Sasami doing what she does best, cook! Sasami going of to the carnival Sasami and Tsunami being cute waitresses Kawaii! Sasami as Ryo-Ohki! Sasami blushing..

Sasami's very happy! Christmas pic of Sasami Sasami on the Tenchi Laserdisc coveraww! Sasami's looks to be teary eyed! Possibly a cake for Tenchi?



Updated: July 31, 1999