HN:LU - The end is nigh

Human Nature:Love Unconditional has been shut down. Permanently. Except for a few certain sections of the website, HN:LU will no longer exist. The main reason is because I have over five other websites excluding this one, plus my life is too busy with school (i've just started the Year 12 - senior - courses), work, family etc. In order to keep everything balanced so I can cope with it all, I have to drop a couple of things. And this is one of them.
I saw this site as a waste of time, as well. It was very rarely visited, nobody made any contributions though they had plenty of opportunities to do so, and I couldn't keep it updated as often as it should've been. In short, nobody gave a shit. And now, neither do I.
Don't get the wrong idea from this goodbye message. I will still continue to support Human Nature, although I think they have and could do a hell of a lot better than resorting to "He Don't Love You".
Anyway, some sections of the website will remain up, for archiving purposes. Particularly the Fan Fiction, the Webring and the Human Nature People's Choice Awards. As for the rest of it, it's all being torn down.

Au revoir,

As for those that remain...
  • Fan Fiction - A collection of short and long stories written by myself and a couple of other fans. Most of them, though, are written by me, and very badly at that, but they're still here regardless of that. Hey, it's my megabyte land to play in, alright?
  • Human Nature People's Choice Awards - Fans voted for their favourites (and least favourites) and for one evening all joined together online for an 'awards ceremony', with some people playing each member of HN, friends, management etc. The results were sent to Human Nature to let them know exactly what the fans think.
  • HN:LU Webring - Lord knows why i'm keeping this here. I can't access the ring to add new people because Webring made a merger with Yahoo. Notice how, when Yahoo merges with another large, successful business, they manage to completely fuck it up? Anyway, i'll leave it here. It's inactive but it's not dead yet.