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Navigare Necesse Est

Socrates goes sailing.

And then, one day I told them I knew how to sail, and they rented me this J-22, assuming that I was saying the truth. It was good enough to sail away from Chicago. I got lost of course, since it was the first time I was sailing. And I did not know where the harbor went. All those harbors, they all look the same!!! So, I stoped in Montrose harbor, and one sailor (who I recognized to be a sailor as he had a beard and was heading in his vessel streight at me) that sailor communicated to me that indeed that was Montrose harbor. I, then, tacked, jibed, and tacked again a few times, and headed back to Belmont harbor, from where I left two days and 14 hours before, just before getting lost on the rough Chicago waters.

Conclusion: When you leave a harbor, always look back, while setting the sails, to know where you should return! (<-this lesson is provided to you free by Soc. please note: it is by Soc, and it is free!)

[picture taken by my passangers who did not know what was going on, and did not come to the terrifying realization of our position on the rough waters, and that we, after all, were lost! fortunately I had two passangers, they kept talking to each other, that saved the ship from complete panic or mutiny]

And then, Cpt. Leszek and me sailed together on a nice sunny day from the port of Waukegan. The wind was way below 40 knots, and I had no problem navigating this 50-footer.

If you desire to take sailing course please contact me! A full course takes 10 days, and cost $9750.- per person. This includes the standards of SS101, SS102, and SS103. For higher level courses, special arrangements can be made.

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