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Havi and Hershel's LAST website update. This site will be shut down (by Geocities) on October 26, 2009.
Thank you for 9.5 years of visiting this site. We have had over 15,000 visits during that time. It has been great!!!
Hershel: It is our annual "First Day of School With Nono" Yipppeeeeeee.
Havi: I love the first day of school.
Hershel: Friends, lunch and recess. Rock on!!!
Hershel: Dad bought a new car.
Havi: Or, we visited a friend with a new, old car. Which do you think is true?
Havi: My aunt and uncle came from Mexico to see me.
Hershel: I think you mean that they came to see me.... and you... and Mom and Dad.
Havi: And, we had a wonderful time with them.
Havi: Not only did my Aunt and Uncle come, but my Abu (Grandma) came, too.
Hershel: They even got to attend my football game. Oh yes, it is true. I am a real football player.
Havi: With 'helmet head' after the game.
Hershel: Can you tell which one married into this family?
Havi: Dad says that there is no rush in growing up. He should know, as there is no bigger kid than Dad. On the other hand, I am in 4th grade now and it is time to grow up (at least a little).
Hershel: I am not ready for the Hall of Fame, yet. However, even they had to start somewhere.
Havi: I love that my Mom, Dad and Nono take me to the first day of school.
Hershel: Me, too. But, why are there two giant hands on our shoulders?