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Havi and Hershel's
"Happy 6th Birthday Havi"
Website Update
updated February 6, 2006
Havi: Oh my God. All of those presents are for me? That giant cake is for me? WOW, birthdays are better than.... better than everything.
Hersh: All those presents are for her? Dang, don't you think one or two are for me? At least I'll get to eat some cake.
Havi: You will?
Hersh: We got to decorate a cupcake and a cookie. It was awesome. Look at me squeezing my heart out, just to get that perfect red dot on top of my white, brown, green and yellow covered cupcake. I am good at this cake decorating game. I see that I may have a career in this.
Havi: We had my party at a bakery and I got to even help decorate my own cake. I did the roses, the flower and the writing.
Hersh: I think not. The baker lady made the cake and did the decorating and let you write your name.
Havi: Oh yea, that's what I meant.
Havi: Three generations and we all look so young. My abuela and mom must have gotten their young looks from me. 
Havi: I will give you three guesses what I got as a present.
Hersh: Well, clearly it is not a basketball.
Havi: This is the cupcake that I decorated. I call it "choco sprinkle delight."
Hersh: I call it "Sigmund the Sea Monster."