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Character Profiles Saiyans
Goku-Goku is the srongest in DBZ most of the time except when Vegeta,Piccolo, and Gohan pass his power momentarily. He mastered the Kaioken techniques that even King Kai could not master. His most powerful attack is the powerful spirit bomb.He is the first to turn Super Saiyan. He is father to Gohan and husband to Chi Chi. He is the most courageous fighter and risks his life to save the planet on a regular basis.
Vegeta-Vegeta is the prince of a destroyed planet and race.Goku and him are the only pure-blooded saiyans left and are the 2 stongest fighters 90% of the time.His one goal in life is to be the strongest so he is in constant training.He somehow falls in love with Bulma,marries her, and has a son called Trunks. He does love Trunks and Bulma but it is to hard for him to admit it because of his huge pride. He is undoubtedly the most ruthless,dangerous and heartless of all the Z-warriors.What can I say he is the greatest ever.
Trunks-Trunks saved the whole future from total, wipe out by the androids he is an excellent fighter.The future Trunks constantly stayed a bit below,at, or stronger than his father Vegeta.He loves his father and does not want to see him get hurt and is always trying to figure stuff out like his mother and grandfatherThe chibi or little Trunks is an excellent warrior and turns super saiyan very early.His power is basically equal to Goten and they seem like they are rivals kinda like Vegeta and Goku.He beats Goten in a fight because he cheated.
Gohan-Gohan is an excellent fighter that surprised Radditz,Piccolo, and Goku with his power early in DBZ.He is controversially the strongest saiyan-human there is. His power greatly increases when he gets angry and shows what he can do against Cell. He is dedicated to get as strong as his father and Piccolo and does for a time. He is first trained by Piccolo and then his father trains him as well in the Android saga. His passion for battle is not as great as his father but his bravery is amazing.
Goten-Goten is the second son of goku and is trained by Gohan.In the Buu saga shows how strong he is and puts up a great fight against Trunks.He loses because Trunks cheated but he still gave it his all.He turns Super Saiyan very young and is surprisingly strong for his age.He fuses with Trunks to make Gotenks.He looks like his father unlike Gohan and is the youngest DBZ warrior.
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