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I finally gotten 'round to fixing this page.  The list still isn't much, but these are the sites I frequent most often.

Fan Art

Blood, Sugar, Sex, and Magik  

Yukipon's Harry Potter fanart site

Fan Fiction

Magical Intrigue  

Rhysenn's slash fiction archive

Lady Koneko’s Library  

A library of the some of the best fanfics ever written


One of the largest libraries of fics on the web

Manga Translations

Cuture Crash Translations  

English Translations of Culture Crash Comics

The Hidden Pages  

Kizuna manga translations

The House of Frobisher  

Love Mode manga translations  

Yami no Matsuei manga translations

Anime in General


Where you can get almost everything you want on anime


A good site to visit, but you need an ID to get into most sections