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Lets say Happy Birthday to...HK Artists-TV Screen

Tokyo Love Story 東京愛情故事Tokyo Love Story TV Screen

Christmas is coming. I have been waiting and waiting for this Christmas Vacation for so long. I want to relax, relax, and relax. There are too much work from school. Well, university life is definitely different from the highschool life. I had midterm exams every week over the past 3 months. Finally, no more midterm exams in Term 1 but final exams in the coming two weeks. Have to study hard and get good results. I shall update this homepage later. Please note that some of the pages in my homepage are still under construction.

Last Updated: September 18, 2002

Car: Integra Type R
Photos: Skiing
Photos: HK Elementary School Classmates
Overnight Hiking Trip (YLM 99-00)
Tokyo Love Story 東京愛情故事