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Hello and welcome to my webpage! As you can probably tell from the title, this page is dedicated to one of my biggest hobbies....Anime! My name is Margaret, but my friends seem to like calling me Margi, (with or without the `Chan' on the end.)

My first anime love, if you will, was Sailor Moon back in my early teens. Unfortunately, this happened to be the english Dub of Sailor Moon, (Zoisite, you poor thing!!) And of course, in the eighties, I had watched Thundercats and Voltron. (I had a crush on Prince Lotor from Voltron, and I thought Lance and Keith were dorks :)

But, time passed, and thanks to my friends, I was introduced to more `sophisticated' forms of anime, and I grew to expand my viewing to the realm of subtitled anime as well. (though it should be noted that I buy dubbed AND subbed)
My current favorite anime is Fushigi Yuugi (Mysterious Play for you poor people who have only seen the Pioneer dub, I have seen the entire series fansubbed, and I also have all of the as-released dub tapes as well. not bad as dubs go (except for Tasuki's voice!! (more ranting on that a little later)

In addition to Fushigi Yuugi, my main anime obsession is The Slayers. (Yay Xelloss!! chuckles as she imagines her friend Loki growling, Loki HATES Xelloss, but then again, Loki hates almost every anime character that Margi likes)

I also like Weiss Kreuz (though I normally don't go for overly-serious anime, Aya more than makes up for it), Bastard!!, (yes, Tasuki's english voice made a wonderful english Dark Schneider, but as Tasuki, he's all wrong!!), Magic Knight Rayearth, (I've only seen the first four tapes of the dub), Vampire Princess Miyu, (get rid of Miyu, and Larva honey, please take off that mask so we can all see your pretty face! ;), Lost Universe, (blonde-haired psycho guy, Yami-whatever his name is, is cute, but he still scares me!)

Also, we musn't forget Master of Mosquiton, (Guile Lunde does a wonderful job in the AD Vision dub as Mosquiton's voice, but, as an extreme Koyasu Takehito loyalist, I'm hard-pressed to pick a favorite on this one)
And of course, there are dozens more series that I've seen that I liked, but if I listed all of them here (along with my millions of comments, that would take forever) Oh yeah, Sorcerer Hunters is also a current favorite.

UPDATE!!! Well, after MUCH deliberation, I've come to a decision regarding the fate of this page. Originally, I intended to have it dedicated to many different anime series, but with a full-time job, I've sadly discovered that I just don't have the time to maintain it. (plus the mass of picture files in my computer is making it slower than a turtle with arthritus.) So I've come to the decision that I'm going to make the page entirely focused on my favorite anime, Fushigi Yuugi. Maybe if it's only about one series, I'll actually be able to update it :) Okay, I have to complain now! According to the rather dorky looking little counter at the bottom, over one hundred people have visited my page, but only five or six of those hundred-odd have signed my guestbook!! (one of which was ME! :( How am I supposed to know if people like my page if they don't take five seconds to sign my guestbook and let me know? I'm a writer, I need feedback! (or I'll feel horribly neglected and abandon this page, mwa-ha-ha!) ahem! that out of the way, PLEASE sign my guestbook, even if it's to tell me that my page needs to be scrapped and thrown in the junkyard! ;) In closing, this page is dedicated to all fans of anime, my best friend Loki, and my other best friend Jennica, without whose help I would never have been able to learn html code and make these pages! :)
Wish me luck with the continued expansion of my site! And as always, keep those tapes rolling! (with or without subtitles! :)
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