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MyKee & RoAnn
VaCaTioN aLBum

in Europe -- Summer 2000
(w/ Papa, Mama & Ninang Maggie) we visited places in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal & Great Britain ...

in HongKong -- Summer '99
(w/ Papa, Mama & Ninang Maggie) 8 days in Hongkong w/ a 1-day Shenzhen, China tour, where we saw the Windows of the World ... yes, we saw the whole world in less than 4 hours ...

in Los Angeles, CA -- Summer '98
(w/ Mama & Ninang Maggie) we visited Daddy Morie, Mommy Connie & family, as usual, we went to see Disneyland, Sea World & Universal Studios, among others .... Ninang Terre & Elsa also brought us to Club Disney ...

in Orlando, FL -- Holiday '96-97
(w/ Ninang Maggie & Mommy Rose) when we visited Mama & Papa in December, they brought us to Florida to see Disney World, Universal Studios & NASA ... we also went to the snow in Big Bear, CA with them, plus Elsa, Ninang Terre, Mommy Connie & Kuya Richie ...

in Los Angeles, CA, 1996 -- Summer '96
(w/ Ninang Maggie, also Ninang Lou, Ate Jaymee & Ate Jem also, w/ Ate Suzette, Ate Marnie, Kuya Nino & Kuya Francis)
in Los Angeles, CA, 1995 -- Summer '95
(w/ Mommy Rose, Ninang Chit, Kuya Ian & Ate Gaylie)
Papa & Mama brought us to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, Magic Mountain & San Francisco, among others

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