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Main Office: Rosmax Bldg, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Telephone #655-4072 Telefax #655-0959
Branch: Rosmax Bldg, Boni Ave, Mandaluyong City
Telephone #532-2328/7533 Telefax #532-7590

The Incorporators:
Mrs. Rosa P. Salariosa - President/General Manager
Cristy S. Evidente - Vice-President
Roland P. Salariosa - VP for Operations
Tess S. Ramos - Secretary
Malou P. Salariosa - Treasurer

Auditor: Mr. Ric Y. Magat, CPA

Rosmax Engine Rebuilder, Inc., formerly registered as a single proprietor company since 1963,
was finally incorporated on January 1, 1999.
Rosmax is properly registered and recognized by the Security & Exchange Commission.

Rosmax recognizes its thirty (30) employees as the greatest asset of the company.
It also believes that the improvement of the value of its human assets
is a matter of both material advantage and moral obligation.
Rosmax regard each employee as an individual whose dignity must be respected,
and whose well being and progress is closely interrelated
with the companys growth and success.

Rosmax is a service company engaged in engine rebuilder, such as:

Autos - Trucks - Buses - Tractors - Ricemill - Out Board Motors - Diesel Engine

Brake Drum Refacing
Conrod Restandard
Crankshaft Regrinding
Cylinder Reboring
Cylinder Resleeving
Fabrication & Special Machining
Flywheel Refacing
Oxy-acetylene & Welding
Rebabtitting of Bearings
Repairing Crack Cylinder Heads
Repairing Valve Seats
Valve & Valve Seats Refacing

Delivery & Pick-up may be arranged ...
call Mario de Guzman at 655-0959 (Pasig) or
Ronnie Dulpina at 532-2328 (Mandaluyong)

for any suggestions or comments,
please e-mail Roland or Cristy