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Love Hina Fans' Pleasure World - Fans' Comments

If you've watched or read the anime/manga of Love Hina, then you must have something in your mind about Love Hina. It could be critics, fonds, interests, hopes, etc...

Feel free to put down your comments on Love Hina here. To do that, simply just fill out the form here. I'll put your comment in this page ASAP.

"This is the best romantic comedy anime I've ever watched. I should have made such a promise with my childhood girl friend... sigh."
Hitoshi, Chinese-Indonesian

"Akamatsu-sensei must make some more episodes! I don't want to lose contact with Naru-chan!"
Vircia, Japanese-Indonesian

"I have never felt so touched with any other love story/manga before. This is trully a masterpiece. Wished I had did the same with making a promise before my girlfriend went overseas to study."
Ikari Shinji, Chinese

"Sometimes I REALLY hate Narusegawa...Why would she treat Keitaro like that?"
Kobayashi Erin, Japanese-Indonesian

"I think "Love Hina" comic books are better than cartoon."
Ethan, Taiwanese

"At first, it seems boring, but you never know how the story goes on! So touching!!"
Eri, Japanese

"Love Hina is really an amazing anime/manga! I heard that Love Hina was purely digital, no anime cartoonists... is that true?"
Kero, Japanese

"This is a really good website, keep up the wonderful job! I fell in love with Love Hina when I read the first volume of the manga, and then watched the series. It's awesome.. Like a mix of all anime series I like. Ohh, my favourite character it's Mitsune, and Naru and Keitaro make a great couple (=~.^=)V ja ne!"
Lilika *~kaijuushoujo*~, Brazilian

"AWESOME! I love Love Hina! it's the best show I have ever seen! A friend, here at work let me borrow about 3 cds with episodes, and I feel absolutelly in love with the show, so did my brothers and my sisters, we all love it! Does anybody know where I can get more episodes? (I have the first 25 or so...)"
Sooku, Chilean

"Love Hina is definitely one of the most beautifully made romantic comedies. The characters are very honest (sometimes not, so eg. Narusegawa) which makes it all the more human, ne?"
Bluedestiny, Filipino

"I love........... I like everybody in love hina"
^^^Aurachima_champ^^^(-_- ), Thailand

"I really love Naru Narusegawa. She is cute."
Waikit, Malaysian

"Sniff... Naru finally admitted that she loves Keitaro... I hope they make more episodes ^^"
philmcneal, Vietnamise

"Love Hina is great. As the series progresses, it really is
a joy to see how what begins as an ambivalent relationship between
Keitaro and the rest of the girls eventually melts into an exchange of
fraternity and love. Everyone is forced to take a harder second look at
himself or herself and a sympathetic second look at each other. My
favorite character is Mutsumi Otohime because she is the absolute queen of
cool. She gives up everything for the sake of Naru and Keitaro. What a
Sad Sack-sempai, Russian-Jew

"I saw the videos and loved them, But leave it to America to
butcher them up. Does anyone know where I can get the unedited english
Lain, American

"I just love it... Mutsumi Otohime among all.. Her voice is
magnificent and her beauty too!"
kaji_to, Mexican

"This is the best ever love story I've ever seen in my life. I
kinda like the show that I bought the whole set."
Scottylim, Chinese

"I really liked the series a lot, but I felt as if it was
left unfinished. I think there is much more development left for many of
the characters (especially the 2 main characters). I hope they make
another season."
Rob Kaminsky, American

"I just got done watching the entire Love Hina series and I
got one problem with it, IT'S TOO SHORT! I want more of the series! The
series is great, I love all the characters, the story line is
wonderful, and the animation. My friends call me Keitaro because I'm him to a T!
That's why I'm known as Ray the immortal. Great page by the way, I love
Ray "the immortal" Johnson, American

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