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Love Hina Fan's Art

Currently there's no fan-art available to see. I'm still looking for some Love Hina fans who'd like to contribute their fan-art to me. If you have your own fan-art, please contribute* it to me. I'd be very appreciated.

* What are the rules?

  1. It's your own fan-art, not other person's.
  2. It must be related to Love Hina.
  3. No hentai please... a little bit ecchi may be allowed though.
  4. The file size must be less than 250 KB (I have a limited webpage capacity in Geocities)


* How to contribute?

  1. Make sure that you send your fan-art in jpeg format. I'm not accepting the ones in bmp, gif, tiff, or any other format.
  2. Send the file as an attachment via e-mail to me. No virus please ^_^
  3. The e-mail address is myksvoll@yahoo.com

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