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Love Hina Fan's Storyline

Currently there's no fan-fic available to read. I'm still looking for some Love Hina fans who'd like to contribute their fan-fic to me. If you have your own fan-fic, please contribute* it to me. I'd be very appreciated.

* What are the rules?

  1. It's your own fan-fic, not other person's.
  2. No racism or offensive terms! Harsh words are allowed but please do not use them frequently.
  3. It must be related to Love Hina.
  4. Use English as primary language. Using Japanese words is allowed though.

* How to contribute?

  1. Make sure that you make your fan-fic in MS Word or any other popular word processing program.
  2. Send the file as an attachment via e-mail to me. No virus please ^_^
  3. The e-mail address is myksvoll@yahoo.com

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