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Love Hina Proloque, Overview, Review, and Rating

I highly recommend you to read the intro of an anime before deciding whether you'll buy it or not. Every anime is good, but not all of them suit your interest. Some anime have great graphic but dull storyline, some have bad graphic but the storyline is deep, while the rests have both great graphic and good storyline. Generally popular anime qualify both in graphic quality and storyline. How should you know whether the anime you're interested in is popular or not, good or not? That's easy, I suggest you buy an anime magazine and see the rating or the ranking. The other way is by surfing anime websites and read the review or buy the anime and see for yourself ^_^

Here comes a question: "Is Love Hina a popular Anime?"

As I'm not living in Japan, I could only give you an answer based on what I've read from magazines. The answer is YES! Love Hina is undoubtedly a great romantic comedy anime (and manga as well)!


"Did you hear? It's said that if two people in love go to Toudai...they'll find 'happiness'."
"If it really works... Let's go to Toudai together, okay...?"
"When we grow up, we'll definitely meet at Toudai again!"
"It's a promise!"

That's the promise (yakusoku) Keitaro made with a cute little girl 15 years ago in Hinata-sou. Just when he reached the time to get to Toudai (Tokyo University), he couldn't remember the girl's identity (or maybe he never knew about it anyway). Well, a promise is promise, he tried his best to get into Toudai, but has failed several times in the entrance exam. If not for his childhood promise, Keitaro wouldn't have such a determination. Despite the failures, he's really a lucky man to live under the same roof with beautiful girls: Naru, Mitsune, Shinobu, Motoko, and Kaolla (I don't think she's beautiful, but maybe cute).

It's still a question whether Keitaro finally finds his love in Toudai or not. The Anime hasn't finished yet. Could Narusegawa possibly be the girl he promised with? Or is it with Mutsumi Otohime? Well, what about if a new one comes out in the next episode? Just watch the Anime and seek the answer for yourself ^_^!

The Anime of Love Hina was released in April, 2000. It's broadcasted by TV Tokyo in Japan. Later in March, 2001, Love Hina was licensed by Bandai and released in the US. The Anime consists of 24 episodes, while the manga consists of 10 (until now). It's said that the 25-26th episode will be released in the near future (only in DVD format).

Instead of the TV episodes, the anime also has two special episodes: Christmas Special "Silent Eve" and Spring Special.


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