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The Residents of Hinata Inn and The Whole Hinata


Date of Birth : January 5, 1979 Height : 171 cm
Age : 20 Weight : 63 kg
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn Measurements : woah!
Bloodtype : AB Room : # 204

Keitaro Urashima is the main male character in Love Hina who failed to get into Tokyo University (Toudai) to meet the girl of his childhood memory 15 years ago. One time, his grandma called him to replace her position as the manager (kanrinin) of Hinata Inn (Hinata Sou). Unfortunately, Hinata Inn is a girls dormitory and Keitaro doesn't get along with the girls at first. Well, I think he can stand it. He's lucky anyway, what kind of a man would like to refuse living under the same roof with some beautiful girls, although he always gets some punches and kicks by the berserked Naru Narusegawa, the girl who also has a promise to get into Tokyo University, or the other girls' fatal blows. Somehow Keitaro managed to survive all the girls' deadly punishments for being a pervert. Of course he is not, he just always puts himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, such as walking in while the girls bathing. Later in the story, the girls seem to accept him as the kanrinin, especially Naru and Shinobu. As the episodes go on, the relationship between Keitaro and Naru grows (which is going to be a bad news for Shinobu who also has a crush on Keitaro). Afterall, despite all the perverted and silly things Keitaro has done, he is still the type of a caring and romantic man every girl would like to have.

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