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The Residents of Hinata Inn and The Whole Hinata


Date of Birth : August 31, 1979 Height : 164 cm
Age : 20 Weight : ?
Zodiac Sign : Virgo Measurements : B87 - W58 - H83
Bloodtype : B Room : # 205

This one only sometimes open her eyes, I wonder how she manages to see in that condition. The name Mitsune is never used in the anime, she's always called Kitsune (her nickname) which means fox, well she's really like a fox to my mind. Kitsune and Naru have been best friends since high school, but unlike Naru, she doesn't have any intention to get into Tokyo University. She likes to have fun all the time, not to mention the sake and the money she spends. Like Naru, Kitsune also has a crush on Seta, her tutor (and Naru's also) when they're still in high school. As the relationship between Naru and Keitaro grows, she gets the chance with Seta.

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