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Love Hina Fans' Pleasure World

Welcome to the Love Hina 7th Heaven, my friend! It may be not the best and the most complete anime site, but it might offer the things you need to satisfy yourself as Love Hina lover. Until now, it only has few features and stuffs. I'll try my best to enrich the heaven's collection, so you can expect more cool stuffs to be added on.

Love Hina Overview Here you can read the introduction, proloque, rating or review of Love Hina. You may also send your own review to me here.
Characters If you love this anime, then you obviously have one or more favorite characters from Love Hina. Find your beloved ones here and know more about them ^_^

This is the place to enrich your collection of Love hina pics/images. All the images are in jpeg or gif formats.
Keitaro Urashima
| Mitsune Konno
Naru Narusegawa
| Kaolla Su
Mutsumi Otohime
| Motoko Aoyama
Shinobu Maehara
| Haruka Urashima
Seta Noriyasu
| Sarah McDougal
Groups Gallery
| Other Characters
Around Hinata
Come here if you'd like to see the models of the venues in Love Hina. The real Hinata Sou, Toudai, Seta's van, etc... all in jpeg images taken from real photos.
The characters in the anime don't speak by themselves. Seek who's talking in this page!

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Come my friend, this is the way to Hinata Sou... myu ^_^

Fan art, Fan Fic, Penpals, Polls,
Mailing List, Chat, LH Comments, etc...

MIDI and MP3 MP3s are great, but MIDI is not bad. Find your favorite Love Hina soundtracks/songs here.
Lyrics Wanna sing Love Hina songs? Maybe you could be an idol like Narusegawa ^_^. Then you have to get the lyrics first, find them in this page.
PC Stuffs Most anime fans I know usually use a lot of anime stuffs for their PC. Please visit this page if you're looking for windows wallpapers, icons, games, etc.

Nothing special, only a page about myself ^_^
I've got several links related to anime for you.
The history and updates of Love Hina 7th Heaven. Check this if you often visit this website ^_^
Although I worked alone making this webpage, there're some people who have contributed some materials for me.

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