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Sing A Long Song

If you've watched the anime, you must have heard some nice songs sung by Megumi Hayashibara, Yui Horie (Narusegawa), etc. For you who'd like to sing the songs may get the lyrics here. I haven't got all the lyrics yet, but I'll try to get them all.

Sakura Saku ~ Opening Theme
sung by Megumi Hayashibara

Kimi Sae Ireba ~ Ending Theme
a slow and sad song...

Mainichi ga Otenki ~ episode 11
a very energetic song, one of my favorites...
sung by Narusegawa as an idol

Yakusoku ~ episode 24
a sad song, very touching...

Winter Wish ~ Christmas Special
a nice song, sung by Yonekura Chihiro


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